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For our first blog post, we thought it appropriate to give a brief, mildly palpable, edge-of-your-seat post introducing our business. In doing so, we will also be introducing ourselves (as Thrive truly is a reflection of us in many ways). This should clear any questions you may have in the future while reading our posts, such as:

Should I trust what this blog says? Where are they coming up with this stuff? What in the world is a herbalist? 

All valid questions. Let's dive in.

We are Erin and Elizabeth. Two very different people who happen to have a few things in common. We both passionately love nature, herbal medicine, and most importantly, adore drinking tea. Our love of all the previously mentioned things led us to start our own medicinal tea and capsule company: Thrive Custom Herbals.

Thrive= Something we all secretly hope we are doing.

Custom= Made for the individual.

Herbals=The star of the show..The plant material that makes up all of our teas and capsules .

Herbalist=  No, we do not grow & sell Cannabis (although Cannabis is also a valuable herbal medicine), and no, it is very different from a Naturopathic Doctor. Herbalism is the the oldest form of medicine known to man, probably even predating written history. We use a wide variety of plants for their therapeutic benefits, often times opting to use the whole plant instead of just extracted and isolated constituents. We manipulate the plant material in a number of ways to extract the medicinal constituents in a way the body can easily process. For us at Thrive, we focus on teas and capsules, although you can choose to do tinctures, creams, lotions, salves, oxymels, pessaries, compresses...... the list goes on!

What else can we say about herbalism?

Herbalism is a return to nature. Herbalism meets you where ever you are in your healing journey and holds no judgements. Herbalism acknowledges the mystery and beauty of the unknown, opting to use the whole plant and not isolating only a few choice constituents in a laboratory. 

And I bet that almost everyone, whether they know it or not, have personal experiences using herbal medicine. Think about the home remedies your parents or grandparents might have used. The culinary herbs you enjoy. A herbal tea you might drink after a meal to soothe digestion... chances are, you're probably well acquainted with herbs already.

We don't take tea lightly. Its a serious business. In fact, we have completed/are currently completing a 3-year diploma program with 2500 in-class hours and over 500 hours of clinical training (seeing patients) in order to make tea! (ok thats not all we formulate, but is a big part). Take home: We have lived, breathed, laughed and cried herbal medicine for the better part of four years and have tried to absorb every succulent morsel of information we possibly could, and we are still learning!

So why would you buy a blend from us when you could snag box of delicious Celestial Sleepy Time tea for $3.50 on sale at the corner store?

I am the first to admit I love to crush a Bengal spice before bed, but what makes us different is we make our tea blends using medicinal quality herbs. Dried herbs that you most likely would not find in a store bought tea (and a quality that unfortunately $3.50 just won't ever achieve- even though it tries so hard!) Patients are always constantly amazed at effectiveness of chamomile for digestive complaints, largely because the chamomile you find on the grocery store shelf is what is left over after the medicinal constituents (volatile oils like Azulene and Chamazulene) have been extracted from the plant matter and sold as an essential oil.

Our goal is to make you feel AMAZING and passionate about drinking herbal tea, aka medicinal tea. Of course we still throw in the favourites, mint- chamomile- ginger- all those good and tasty things, BUT in it's best quality and form, grown organically and sustainably. The big goal is to source as much as we can locally, right now it is only a percentage of our stock, but in the future we are hoping to secure a larger workspace where we are able to dry our own plant material. We dream on....

We plan to use this blog in a constructive way- helping to educate YOU the consumer about what we are doing and selling, why it matters and hopefully inspire you to start loving herbs as much as we do. Herbal allies can help us take our well-being into our own hands, bringing us autonomy and self-awareness. We are going to give it our best shot to make tea a riveting topic. Right up there with sex, drugs and rock and roll. No promises. 

We DO promise we have your best interests in mind (all with the end goal of secretly making you love tea).

Thank you for baring with us while we got that off our chests. 

Encouraging you to stay curious,

-Erin & Liz



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  • Wow!! Such a great read! You two are off to a great intro to the people you are, your passion, and your love of herbals!! Really enjoy being informed about what herbalist means. Keep up the exposure…. I’m loving it!!

    Bev on

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