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The Magical Word of Medicinal Mushrooms

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This is a crash course into the magical world of medicinal MUSHROOMS.

Just to clarify, when we say mushrooms, NO we don’t mean psilocybin (magic mushrooms). We aren't denying that this mushroom is amazing, but for the purpose of Thrive and our offerings, we are not referring to “magic mushrooms.” Sorry, I know, crushing news. What we do mean is the equally as incredible mushrooms (some that even grow here on the West Coast) that offer a world of healing and unmatched potential in their offerings to the human body. There are tens of thousands of amazing mushrooms aside from psilocybin and they are equally worthy of our time and fascination.

 We are only on the cusp of understanding the complexities of how these amazing fungi work to untangle and direct our own innate immune responses, causing cascades of events that seem to orchestrate our own potential to heal and thrive. During my time at Pacific Rim College, I wrote my clinical research paper on one particular Mushroom called “Turkey Tail” or Trametes versicolor (latin.) An extract from Turkey Tail Mushrooms (called “PSP and PSK”) are used as a standard treatment in the Japanese Health Care system to support people undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation. The results they found in using this extract were so significant that the Health Care System now provides this to all cancer patients undergoing treatment. Basically, it enhanced the success rate of conventional cancer treatment in remarkable numbers. Pretty impressive.

 Back to my boring research paper… basically I racked my brain trying to understand or find a clear explanation of HOW mushrooms work to impact the human immune system… trust me it’s a massively complicated cascade of events. I walked away from my own research paper with more questions than answers… which I guess is the point of research, no? Here is a brief explanation, from a common layman who is just randomly is obsessed with mushrooms. I am not a Mycologist (mushroom specialist) nor do I profess to be one. Ok, here goes:


Mushrooms contain Beta-glucans (these are complex polysaccharides which are basically sugar chains with a protein attached to them). Beta-glucans are recognized firstly (after ingestion) by the villi in our small digestive intestines (these are the finger like projections that transport substances into the bloodstream.)

From here they act to trigger our own innate immune response, which by proxy acts to address many things, using our many already existent immune cells. Some of the benefits of these beta-glucans cause cascades in the body that: reduce inflammation, reduce the impacts of stress, trigger the immune system to fight cancer cells/viruses/bacteria etc, help with cognition, memory improvement, even work to prevent age associated memory loss! THE LIST GOES ON!

Here is a brief list of some of the mushrooms offered at Thrive and their researched impacts on the human body:

Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)Energy, fatigue and general recovery enhancement.

*Cordyceps were actually used by Olympic athletes and found to improve physical performance and maximize use of oxygen in the body.


Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor); Immunomodulator, used prolifically in Japan for cancer patients

*As mentioned above is an anti-cancer powerhouse.


Maitake (Grifola frondosa)Nervous system tonic, potent immunomodulator, also works to promote blood sugar metabolism in conditions like diabetes.

*Studies have found Maitake improves glucose metabolism in insulin resistant mice. This is thought to work via an increase in peripheral insulin sensitivity . 


Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus)Neuro-protective and studied to re-myelinate in degenerative brain conditions. Improves cognitive function.

*Lions made was used to treat rats who had chemically induced memory loss similar to Alzheimer’s (related to neuronal damage.) Many of the rats experienced a full reversal in symptoms and memory loss.


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)Immunomodulator, anti-cancer agent, combats anxiety/insomnia and adrenal exhaustion. Supports impaired immune system.

*Reishi has been studied to improve survival rates and reduce negative side effects in many types of cancers including prostate, lung, breast, colon, bladder, brain and liver. 

From the moment we dreamt up Thrive, we knew we wanted to include mushrooms in our offerings.  This was always a non-negotiable, but we knew it would take some time and for several reasons. Finding an EXCEPTIONAL source of mushroom powder (i.e. the right supplier.) This isn’t an easy task. Many suppliers don’t quality test their products for levels of medicinally active compounds. When you buy random mushroom supplements, you may or may not be getting what you’re paying for. This is why we consulted with many experts and provide the BEST quality, high concentration powdered extracts.

Our capsules are high quality, super concentrated and TESTED FOR BETA GLUCAN CONTENT. Every mushroom extract we have is made from 100% organic fruiting bodies that have been through extensive testing processes to guarantee there are high levels of the active constituents present in the powders. They are the real deal. Mushrooms are an investment in your health and work behind the scenes with your body to enhance its own natural ability to heal itself.

Because we use such high concentration mushroom extracts we have room to add other useful medicinal herbs to create specific and effective formulas. We are also excited to offer custom mushroom capsules, made just for you! Check out our online shop to see our lists of pre-blended formulas or choose to create your own customized blend!

Formulated and created in small batches with love,

-Thrive Custom Herbals.

*Act now and get 15% off our custom mushroom blends for the rest of May! Use the coupon code MUSHROOMLOVE at checkout!*

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