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What can herbal medicine do for me?

Herbal Medicine has been around for centuries. Many herbal plants contain constituents that have specific mechanisms of action within the human body to promote healthy natural functioning. Incorporating herbal medicine into your daily regime can be a great ally in preventing illness and promoting health and well-being.

What makes Thrive tea different from tea I can buy anywhere else?

As professionally trained Medical Herbalists, we work with quality medicinal herbal plant material that does more than just taste good. While formulating our pre-blends or creating your custom tea blend, we use our experiences and knowledge of the herbs and use their synergistic qualities to make a blend with your specific health goals in mind. All of our products are either organic or locally sourced, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices are being met. 

What is a Custom Blend?

A personalized herbal tea blend as unique as you are. Formulated by trained herbalists with over 50+ herbs in our dispensary, each blend is tailored specially for the individual, focusing on optimizing your personal health and well-being.

Is it important to follow the dosage recommendations?

We have labelled our products with moderate "suggested" usage, we recommend you follow this, however we strongly encourage discontinued use if you have any concerns. Always talk to your primary health care provider before use if you are unsure if the product is safe for an existing health condition. 

Can I re-order a tea that I already had custom made?

Absolutely. We keep track of all orders and the ingredients we used in your custom blend, so as long as you have the date, we can find and refill any custom tea! Simply fill out the box at the end of the custom questionnaire, along with the date you ordered your custom tea blend and we will promptly refill the order.

What is the most effective way to prepare the teas?

We recommend a longer steeping time of 10-15 minutes to ensure maximum extraction of herbal constituents (the chemical components in plants that have all of the desired health benefits we're after.) in your cup of tea. It is also strongly advised to brew in a pot or cup that is fully covered to keep all the wonderful essential oils from escaping. 

Interested in becoming a supplier of Thrive?

Wholesale options are available. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Where is my package?

Please follow the tracking instructions sent to you via Canada Post. Depending on the shipping method you selected, your package should arrive in the alloted time. We ship most orders day of or on the next business day. PLEASE NOTE: if there is a mistake made on your shipping address we may ask you to repay for shipping as Canada post charges the full amount to re-ship a returned package.