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Choose up to 2 concentrated mushroom extract powders and 2 herbal powders for your custom made capsules.


Choose from a selection of concentrated mushroom extract powders and quality herbal powders to build a blend specifically to meet your health goals and needs!

***High concentrated mushroom powder goes through lengthy extraction processes in order to ensure the highest level of active medicinal constituents are present in smaller amounts of powder. Extraction processes usually involve both water and alcohol as substrates. A ratio indicates the quantity of mushroom to powder potency. 

100 capsules. 

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Supports an increase in energy, reduces overall fatigue. Recovery and performance enhancement in athletes and the elderly. Supports a compromised immune system, anti-anxiety, regulates sleep patterns, useful in adrenal exhaustion. Immunomodulator, extracts are used prolifically in Japan for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Neuro-protective, studies focus on its ability to support re-myelination in degenerative brain conditions. Improves cognitive function and memory loss. Nervous system tonic, potent immunodulator, also works to promote blood sugar metabolism in conditions like diabetes.

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Lowers anxiety in “hyper” states, promotes stress regulation and sleep, anti-inflammatory and recovery support. Liver support and repair. Potent anti-oxidant. Reduces impact of exposure to toxins, alcohol, chemicals etc. Potent inflammation modulator. Used in conjunction to enhance inflammatory support in chronic or acute conditions. Liver supportive. Treats anxiety related to chronic stress, stress-related muscle pain and tension. Can be taken at night to promote restful sleep. Adrenal tonic for stress and exhaustion, supports in peptic ulcers, issues with digestion and inflammation of digestive tract. Supports an impaired immune system while reducing stress and nervous exhaustion. Improves mental clarity, stamina and restores vitality in the overly stressed. This Chinese herb supports in times of chronic low immunity and debility and fatigue. It is a great herb for the elderly and is a heart and lung tonic.

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